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52 year old male located in Belfast, Down, Antrim looking for a female aged 27-40.

Are you more than just a pretty face?
I could go on to give you more facts about myself, like my height (6'0) or my lovely brown eyes. But I have a feeling most of the other guys on this site, just give you a list of facts about them, in the hope you might see something you like.
I will say the proof is in the pudding, but I will say this, I am an artist with a passion for life which seems to be very rare. I have an amazing family and the best friends in the world. I have my health and the talent to create some amazing things. I've partied with the best from the US to the UK. I've chilled with all walks, from suit and tie to flip flops. If you've read so far and are interested drop me a line. Don't window shop, I don't bite well only on the third date lol. I'm looking 4 a cool "friendship", someone to hang out with, relax, no pressure, no expectations, just you for you, me for me, so lets enjoy and see where things go. I'm looking 4 someone, who's attractive laid back and cool.
If I find a woman thatswell above the average then, I'd be interested in seeing where it may lead. If it happens then its meant to be. If not - then so be it .
I don't like to label relationships, but just to have fun and see where they go.
I'm elusive, a challenge, a little cocky - but classy. I'm confident, fun, vibrant, funny, dominant, sarcastic, not afraid to put you in your place and have a bit of verbal sparring, back and forth.
I am an open minded, risk taker who's not afraid of adventure.
I'm looking for someone who's striking on the outside, but down to earth on the inside, so if you're flaky, scatty, a golddigger then don't waste my time. I'm too good 4 that.
I've spent the last 10 years living my dream, or what I thought was my dream, with little desire for anything lasting. How many women have I dated? - its one big blur, but that's going to change, as something special in my life is now important.
The future is determined by what we do today.
Be spontaneous - I am!
Keywords: adventurous, belfast, charming, classy, cocky, composed, confident, dominant, genuine, humourous, saucy, wild, sporty

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Never married
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Star sign:Aries
Self Employed

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Height:5 feet 11 inches

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